Catherine McGregor

Represented by: Emma Laird


DESIGNATED SURVIVOR Principal ABC; Dir: Carol Banker
VALENTINE’S DAY GALA Principal Hallmark; Dir: Don McBrearty
SUITS Principal USA Network/ Roger Kumble
MURDOCH MYSTERIES Principal Shaftesbury Films/John L’Ecuyer
BRIDAL PATH Lead CFC/Cynthia Roberts/TIFF
SAM I AM Lead CFC/Cynthia Roberts
TAROVISION Principal Microforum
MARRIAGE COUNSELOR Principal Empire Ent./Sheila O’Brien/Louisa Martin
A PASSAGE IN TIME Lead Independent Film/David Wong
RED LETTER DAY Principal Independent Film/Nigel Collier
APATHY Lead Independent Film/S.Williamson
LAWRENCE Principal Dir: Vincenzo Natali
LUNENBURG Iris Oulette The Foster Festival/Patricia Vanstone
OUR TOWN Mrs. Gibbs Shaw Festival/Molly Smith
TOP GIRLS Isabella Bird/Nell Shaw Festival/Vikki Anderson
THE DIVINE Emma Francour Shaw Festival/Jackie Maxwell
WHEN WE ARE MARRIED Annie Parker Shaw Festival/Joe Zeigler
THE SEA Jilly Shaw Festival/Eda Holmes
OUR BETTERS Princess Della Cercola Shaw Festival/Morris Panych
MAJOR BARBARA Rummy Mitchens Shaw Festival/Jackie Maxwell
MISALLIANCE Mrs. Tarleton Shaw Festival/Eda Holmes
ON THE ROCKS Lady Chaverly Shaw Festival/Joe Ziegler
THE TWELVE POUND LOOK Kate Shaw Director’s project/C. Hall
AN IDEAL HUSBAND Lady Chiltern Shaw Festival/Jackie Maxwell
THE DOCTOR’S DILEMMA Emmy Shaw Festival/Morris Panych
FROST/NIXON Caroline Cushing Neptune Theatre/Joe Ziegler
HALF LIFE Anna Sudbury Theatre/George Pothitos
BLUEBEARD Monkey Tarragon/T.O. Fringe/D. Matheson
ROPES END Marissa Theatre Aquarius/Max Reimer
ARMS AND THE MAN Louka Shaw Festival/Jackie Maxwell
STRAWBERRIES IN JANUARY Leah Theatre Aquarius/Max Reimer
THE HEIRESS Mrs. Montgomery Shaw Festival/Joe Zeigler
HALF AN HOUR Lady Lillian Shaw Director’s Project/L. Balkan
THE CONSTANT WIFE Martha Culver Shaw Festival/Neil Munro
AUTUMN GARDEN Hilda Shaw Festival/Martha Henry
PYGMALION Clara/Eliza u/s Shaw Festival/Jackie Maxwell
THREE MEN ON A HORSE Audrey Trowbridge Shaw Festival/Jim Mezon
PRIVATE LIVES Amanda Tribal Productions/Eli Lukawitz
THE HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA Amelia/Martirio u/s Shaw Festival/Tadeusz Bradecki
YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU Alice Sycamore Shaw Festival/Neil Munro
S.S. TENACITY Therese Shaw Festival/Dennis Garnhum
LADY WINDERMERE’S FAN Lady Jansen Shaw Festival/Christopher Newton
WILL ANY GENTLEMAN The Dancer Shaw Festival/Christopher Newton
SORRY, WRONG NUMBER Information Operator Shaw Festival/Dennis Garnhum
DRACULA Mina Arbour Theatre/B.Richmond
BFA Theatre Performance, York Universtiy – Ron Singer/David Rotenberg/David Smukler/Jill Courtney
ACTING FOR TV/FILM – David Rotenberg/Al Waxman
STAGE COMBAT – Robert Seale



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