Nikki Duval

Represented by: Kish Iqbal


A Midsummers Nights Dream Bottom Shakespeare in the Ruff; Dir: Megan Watson
The Importance of Being Earnest Miss Prism Ravenous Theatre; Dir: Jesse Beam
The Circle Kit Tarragon Theatre; Dir: P. Pasyk
Knickers! A Brief Comedy Mary Globus Theatre; Dir: James Barrett
The Pitchfork Disney Haley Precisely Peter Productions; Dir: J. Shooter
Well Born Baby, Worker, Mother Soco Theatre; Dir: M.Alexander, D. Lyons
Hamlet Queen Player/Cornelius Hart House; Dir: Paolo Santalucia
Fishing Woman What She Said Prods; Dir: Britney Tangedal
The Circle (New Words Festival) Kit NTS; Dir: Ann-Marie Kerr
Prey (New Words Festival) Queen NTS; Dir: Ann Hodges
The Changeling Vermandera NTS; Dir: David Latham
Our Country’s Good Dabby/Lt. William Faddy NTS; Dir: Tadeusz Bradecki
Solo Show – The Florist Florence NTS; Dir: Adam Lazarus/Jodi Essery
Lion In The Streets Scarlett/Rhonda/Rachel NTS; Dir: Ravi Jain
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Titania NTS; Dir: Jospeh Zeigler
The Seagull Polina NTS; Dir: Tanja Jacobs
Archipelagos Crystal NTS; Dir: M.Bae Yamamoto/A. Bedard
King Lear The Fool NTS; Dir: Jonathan Goad
The Great American Trailer Park Musical Jeannie Lookleft Prods.; Dir: N. Duval/A. Watson
The Diary of Anne Frank Mrs. Van Dann University of Winnipeg; Dir: Ann Hodges
Faust(us) Faustus University of Winnipeg; Dir: C. Brauer
A Doll’s House Mrs. Linde University of Winnipeg; Dir: Tom Stroud
Zombie Prom Ms. Strict Chi Chi Manfred Prods.; Dir: Connie Manfredi
Nellie Bly Supporting Lead Lifetime; Dir: Karen Moncrieff
Imposters Featured Bravo; Dir: Sheree Folkson
Workin’ Moms Recurring CBC; Dir: Various
Mary Goes Round Lead CFC; Dir: Molly McGlynn
Murdoch Mysteries Featured Shaftesbury/CBC; Dir: Eleanor Lindo
Hyena Road Featured Rhombus Media; Dir: Paul Gross
501 Lead Independent; Dir: Paul Gross
NATIONAL THEATRE SCHOOL: Under the direction of Alisa Palmer & Sherry Bie
Acting:  Nina Lee Aquino; Sherry Bie; Martha Burns; Brendan Healey; Jackie Maxwell; Weyni Mengesha; Paul Gross
Alexander Technique: Kelly McEvenue
Classical Text/Shakespeare Jonathan Goad; David Latham; Andrew Wade; Ian Watson; Joseph Zeigler
Voice/Speech: Jane Godderham; JoJo Rideout
Singing: Linda Morrison
Scene Study: (Three Sisters, Problem Child; After Miss Julie; H. Gabler) Lazlo Martin; Martha Burns; W. Mengesha; Y.Farber
UNIVERSITY OF WINNIPEG: Acting Program – Honours Bachelor of Arts
GUILDHALL SCHOOL OF MUSIC & DRAMA: Contemporary and Shakespeare Intensive
Costuming, creative work (sewing, painting, jewellery making, crafting, etc.), singing, dance, directing, teaching,

Dialects: (R.P., Cockney, Southern, American)

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