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Jack Winter was born in Canada, educated in Montreal and Toronto, and taught modern theatre and creative writing at several Canadian and British universities including York University (Toronto) and University of Bristol (UK). During the 1960s and the 1970s he was resident playwright and dramaturg at Toronto Workshop Productions as well as a freelance playwright/producer/director. In 1976 he moved to England where he continues to teach and to write. The author of numerous stage plays, radio and television productions, and cinema films as well as critical articles, prose fiction, and non-fiction, and several books of poetry, his awards include The Telegram Theatre Award for the Best New Canadian Play, the Ontario Arts Council Senior Writer’s Award, the Canada Council Senior Arts Fellowship, the Canadian Film Award for the Best Documentary Film, an Academy Award nomination for the Best Short Subject, the C. Day-Lewis Fellowship of the Greater London Arts Association, and the Arts Council of Great Britain Creative Writing Fellowship (twice). 
Stage Plays
The Evil Eye (1961).
And They’ll Make Peace (1962).
Before Compiègne (1963).
The Mechanic (1964).
The Death Of Woyzeck(1965).
Hey Rube!(1966).
The Golem Of Venice (1967).
Party Day(1969).
The Centre (1971).
Waiting (1972).
Mr. Pickwick (1972).
Letters From The Earth (1973).
Ten Lost Years (1974).
You Can’t Get Here From There (1975).
Summer Seventy-Six or Olympics ‘76 (1975).
Family Matters (1988).
Ravers (2005).
Caboose to Moose Jaw (2009).
Radio, TV, Cinema
Plays and documentaries for the C.B.C., the B.B.C., the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and DeutschlandRadio include:
Before Compiegne (radio, 1 hour).
Happy Birthday, Death!(radio, 1 hour).
A Saltykov-Shchedrin Sketchbook (radio, 1 hour).
The Prudent Minnow(radio, ½ hour).
The Wrecked Blackship(radio, ½ hour).
Blackship (TV, ½ hour).
Search For Solutions(cinema, ½ hour).
The Speaker (radio, ½ hour).
Selling Out (TV, ½ hour).
Selling Out (cinema, ½ hour).
My Bathurst (radio, 1 hour).
An Acadian Party (radio, 1 hour).
The Island (radio, 1 hour).
Waiting(radio, 1 hour).
Arts And Letters In The G.D.R. (radio, 1 hour).
Women In The G.D.R. (radio, 1 hour).
Italo (TV, ½ hour).
Ten Lost Years (TV, 1 hour).
The Fifth Sun (TV, ½ hour).
Tamara’s Tapestry World (TV, ½ hour).
Five Great Days (radio, 1 hour).
Wild Rice (TV, ½ hour).
Untimely Death (radio, ½ hour).
Saltykov’s World (radio, 1 ¼ hours).
Golovlovo (radio, 2 hours).
Mask Of The Bear (TV, ½ hour).
Kaddish(radio, 1 hour).
The Island (poetry). Fredericton: Fiddlehead Poetry Books, 1973.
Misplaced Persons (poetry). Calstock, Cornwall (UK): Peterloo Poets, 1995.
The Ballad of Bladud (poetry). Bath (UK): Bath City Books, 1999.
Nomad’s Land (poetry). Bath (UK): Bath City Books, 2000.
The Tallis Bag (literary memoir). Ottawa: Oberon Press, 2012.
My TWP Plays, A Collection Including Ten Lost Years (anthology of five plays: Before CompiègneThe MechanicThe Death Of WoyzeckTen Lost YearsYou Can’t Get Here From There). Vancouver: Talonbooks, 2013.
Party Day and Other Plays (anthology of five plays: Hey Rube!The Golem Of VeniceParty DayRaversCaboose to Moose Jaw). 2014/15 (forthcoming).
Tales of the Emperor (novel). 2015/16 (forthcoming).

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